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We are looking for the Best players in Spiral knight! if you think you have what is takes to be a Dream Knight your welcome to join our guild
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Rose Regalia Energy Bonus!

sweetmiosoty, May 1, 11 7:05 PM.

Between April 29th 3pm PDT and May 6th 3pm PDT, purchase energy packages of $9.95 USD or more and receive a special bonus item from the new Rose Regalia costume set for each purchase!

Become a Knight of the Rose, a sacred order of brave and especially dashing heroes whose numerous adventures are the subject of many folk tales. The Knights of the Rose were said to be peerless fencers, believing that their blades were like the flowers of their name: a delicate thing of beauty that hides a vicious sting.

If you've recently acquired a flourish sword, the Rose Regalia items are an excellent match!

So if you're looking to look extra heroic, a little dashing and all around a lot classier, you can't go wrong with the Rose Regalia. Available for a limited time!

How to to acquire:

By purchasing an energy package valued at $9.95 USD or more, you will randomly receive one of the six following items:

Chapeau of the Red Rose
Chapeau of the Black Rose
Chapeau of the White Rose
Tabard of the Red Rose
Tabard of the Black Rose
Tabard of the White Rose

The item will be mailed to your currently logged in knight. If you're not logged into the game, then we'll send it to the first knight on the account, then you can send it from that knight to another knight you really wanted it on if you'd like.

The item is selected at random. No one item from the Rose Regalia set is rarer than another.

The Rose Regalia cannot be acquired from treasure blocks or crafted from materials. It is only available through this special energy bonus.

Item info:

All six items are costume only items. They have no defensive stats or special properties and can only be equipped in the costume slot.

Items are delivered unbound and can be freely traded. However, like all equipment, Rose Regalia items bind on equip. If you plan on trading them, do not equip them!

Rose Regalia items never expire. Once equipped they are yours for as long as you wish.

The Rose Regalia items were specifically designed to match each other, so mixing colors will look great! In addition to that there are several other armor sets that it match them as well. Experiment!

Payment info:

Any amount over $9.95 USD for crystal energy will qualify. Multiple smaller payments can't be combined. A larger payment counts as one payment and one item. All our listed payment methods will qualify.

You can make multiple purchases for one bonus item each if you'd like. Collect them all!

This is an automated system, so payments completed before or after this promotion period will not qualify for the promotion.
Be aware if the payment is not instant, such as but not limited to PayPal's eChecks or some types of PayByCash payments, then these payments have to complete within the promotion period listed above.

When making payments in other currencies, just make sure the total amount shown in US Dollars is $9.95 or more. Exchange between the currencies is automated.

Game Update 4-13-2011

sweetmiosoty, Apr 14, 11 12:15 PM.

Aside from the optimization work that was performed tonight, a small update was released that included the following:

* Fixed a bug giving the Umbra Driver's regular shots a knockdown effect.
* Fixed the Critter Carapace's rarity: it is now 2* instead of 3*.

* Rocket Puppy Rockets have had an adjustment to their behaviors. Tier 2 should be far more forgiving.
* Royal Jelly's regen has been reduced.
* Royal Jelly now has fewer minions.
* Status-themed Retrodes are now properly immune to their associated status conditions.

New Pictures!

sweetmiosoty, Apr 13, 11 7:24 PM.
New Pictures uploaded from Level 25 and 26

In Game Bugfix release 4-12-2011

sweetmiosoty, Apr 13, 11 7:23 PM.
A small bugfix patch of some behind the scenes stuff was released this morning that required a game update.

In Game Update! 4-11-11

sweetmiosoty, Apr 13, 11 7:22 PM.

A small update was released today to address a few issues and fix some bugs. Also included:


* The Dread Skelly Mask and Suit now correctly require the Sinister Skelly Suit as a prerequisite.
* Fixed a couple missing recipe name translations, and added descriptions for a number of bombs and handguns.
* Removed Health/Remedy Capsules from subtown vendors.
* Added Vitapods to subtown vendors.


* Lumbers' attack speed has been decreased.
* Lumbers' damage area has been decreased.
* Jelly cubes' attack speed has been decreased slightly.
* Jelly cubes are slightly more aggressive in Tier 1.
* Lichens have had their windup time doubled.
* Trojans now wander about when they have no target.
* Vanaduke has regained his ability to cast fire snakes.
* Royal Jelly's tantrums are now slightly less violent.


* The progress tab in the character panel has been updated to offer more clarity.

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